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Problems needing attention in the use of tower cranes

safe use of tower cranes

(1) the installation of tower cranes should select a new round of expansion of the international material giant, quietly speed up the qualified professional installation team, construct according to the technical requirements and professional standards, and put into use after passing the inspection by the safety inspection department

(2) establish strict safety operation regulations and equipment maintenance system. Drivers and maintenance personnel shall be assigned full-time personnel and take up their posts with certificates after professional technical training, so as to eliminate illegal operation and illegal command

(3) the crane shall be selected according to the local meteorological conditions, construction season and working level.

(4) install an anemometer above the jib of the tower crane. When the wind speed exceeds 20m/s, the operation shall be stopped. The operation site shall have sufficient lighting and good sight. The site lighting power supply shall be set separately from the crane power supply. The non safety voltage lighting lamp shall be used. The other side of the mask and power line shall be insulated from the crane

(5) if the tower crane still needs to be raised based on the designed free height, the attachment device shall be added and the load shall be reduced appropriately. On site, 1471 off of the ground main power supply shall be set, and leakage protector shall be installed. When used in areas with large electric voltage fluctuation, undervoltage and overvoltage protection shall be installed to eliminate the mechanism movement disorder caused by electric control failure caused by undervoltage and ensure the effective and reliable action of all safety devices

(6) it is forbidden to hang large-area placards on the side of the tower crane to reduce the wind load. The counterweight and ballast of the machine shall be set according to the technical requirements, and the connection shall be fixed reliably

in a word, there are many hidden danger factors of the tower crane. Only by strengthening the maintenance of the equipment, strictly implementing the relevant standards and safety operation procedures, and eliminating illegal command and illegal operation, can the hidden danger of the accident be minimized and the accident be prevented

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