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From March 24 to 26, the 5th China Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition was grandly opened. Huiya media and home hotline were very honored to interview Mr. xucunming, general manager of Foshan Nanhai lizhan industry and Trade Co., Ltd

at the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, Huiya information and home hotline are honored to interview Xu Cunming, general manager of Foshan Nanhai Lizuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd., to share our experience and feelings of this exhibition, talk about the new products brought by this exhibition and the current analysis of the industry environment

the exhibition effect is beyond imagination. New products are hot on the market

home hotline: Hello, president Xu

president Xu: Hello everyone

home hotline: has the exhibition achieved your expected effect

president Xu: I think the effect of this exhibition is very good. Today is the second day of the exhibition. From the beginning to now, it can be said that there has been an endless stream of people coming to our booth. Many customers are particularly interested in our products, especially the new products launched this year, and some customers have come several times. Thank you very much for your support of luxury Shidai products

new product reform action, environmental protection and high quality are more suitable for

home hotline: what new products did luxury Shidai bring this time? Can you introduce it to us

president Xu: this year, luxury Shidai has made some changes that are more practical on the original basis. Previous products were more fashionable and jumping, but this year is more suitable for consumer groups. In other words, the product can meet the needs of consumers for direct use. Because dealers can sell products directly, consumers can also buy and use them directly

home hotline: Mr. Xu, have you noticed that this year's two sessions have mentioned green environmental protection and the Internet? What do you think of these two hot topics

president Xu: in combination with these two topics, luxury Shidai has made some adjustments, especially in environmental protection, and we have done a lot of work. First, in terms of materials, all European standard materials are adopted. All imported plates are used, and the environmental protection level is very high, reaching the detection standard of F4 star level. The auxiliary materials produced are also strictly controlled, especially the glue, which adopts the highest international glue brand produced in Germany, so consumers can use it with confidence

the prospect of the industry is bright, and the confidence of development is doubled

home hotline: according to insiders, the customized Pavilion of this year's Shenzhen exhibition is very popular. I don't know what president Xu thinks

president Xu: this exhibition is very popular. Each of our dozen regional managers receives more than 50 customers every day. The scene was very popular, so I was very happy and satisfied. At the same time, I also felt that the customized wardrobe industry was booming

home hotline: finally, please talk about the development goal of luxury Shidai this year

president Xu: the development goal this year is to reach 200 dealers, but so far, we have received earnest money from more than 50 dealers through the exhibition. So we are also very happy. Thank you for your strong support for luxury Shidai. Thank you





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