Kroya's new product, Xiangge lingnai, variable dia

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It is easy to control between western style retro and modern luxury

diamond is an unstable shape in geometry. This feature has become a symbol of personality in the popular fashion, which can be narrow and generous, free and boundless, such as Chanel's classic 2.55 ringer chain bag, which is perfectly interpreted to the extreme

the design is inspired by the classic diamond pattern, which is a relaxed control between Western retro and modern luxury, just like a gorgeous review between the two styles

kroya's new product, "Xiangge lingnai"

although the pattern of the wall cloth seems to be a regular and monotonous repetition, the instability of the diamond shows a variable effect

black gold

a color matching mainly promoted by designers. The combination of black and gold is mysterious and provocative, as if the golden pupil hidden behind the black veil can only capture a touch of charming eye waves, which integrates the mystery and luxury of the Middle East

Xu Huang

bright and warm, is the kind of non dazzling light emitted by the rising sun, and appropriately exists around you. A self-confidence that doesn't disturb anyone, but never flatters and agrees with anyone. You absolutely can't give up a sense of decent existence


petty bourgeoisie, indifferent, a wallpaper that seems to have a faint smell of tobacco, with insight into the world's rational and lazy, sober and tired. Hidden in the undercurrent, this is a space far away from the noise and only belongs to rest


elegant Ivory reveals the texture of mineral stone, marble, white marble... The architectural sense brought by this makes this color matching both rational and meaningful. Beautiful and strong, simple but elegant, the architectural feeling built by white marble solidified long and long meditation

the rhombic pattern, which is mature without losing its youthful flavor, is piled up between gradual tones. Elegant as a classical lady, it can suddenly become a fashionable modern daughter. What does not change is the faint sense of superiority that overlooks all sentient beings

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