Decoration effect drawing of 130 square meters of

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This 130 square meter space is designed in a modern and simple style. It is located in St. emilen. The decoration cost is 100000. It is pure atmosphere and full of modernity. Now let's feel this modern sunshine room with Xiaobian

decoration owner's file:

decoration owner's community: St. emilen decoration area: 130 square meters decoration house type: 3 rooms and 2 halls decoration company: participate in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: modern simple decoration cost: 100000 (half a bag)

design concept: the designer makes this 130 square meter space very pure and conceptual, with a sharp contrast between black and white color blocks, with European and American style and spatial temperament. The Designer completes it according to the owner's preferences and needs, which is very fashionable and comfortable

the living room is simple as a whole, but it is very attentive in details

the bedroom and the book room are only separated by bookshelves, which keep the space intact

the small bar behind the sofa in the living room and the refined space become an excellent place to drink with friends




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