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Toilet floor drains are often arbitrarily located in the decoration, and some wrong designs will bring us a lot of trouble in the future cleaning. Brother Guaizi asked many decorators how to design the floor drain correctly. Now let's talk about where the floor drain should be designed best? And toilet floor drain beautification decoration design method and effect drawing case method and effect drawing case

toilet floor drain positioning error practice ×& times;& times;

× The floor drain is designed between the toilet and the bathtub: when you clean the floor drain in the future, you should stretch your hands and squeeze into that small space to clean it. In case of a fuller body, it's simply hard to take care of it

× 2. The floor drain design is too close to the bathroom door: keep the lowest point of the bathroom away from the wooden floor of the bedroom. It is not very comfortable near the door where it is easy to step on

× 3. The floor drain is designed in the middle of the tiles: it is difficult for water to flow to the floor drain. It should be around the tiles, not in the middle of the tiles

× 4. The floor drain is designed at the edge of the shower door: because the floor drain is located at the lowest place in the bathroom, the water here is not easy to dry, and the glass glue at the edge is easy to mildew after a long time

correct practice of toilet floor drain design &radio& radic;& radic;

√ 1. The floor drain is designed at the four corners of the ceramic tile, which is not easy to accumulate water: it is designed at the four corners, so that the bricklayer master can better control the angle and let the floor drain fall at the lowest place

√ 2. The floor drain should be far away from the door and the surrounding area should be wide: it is convenient to clean the floor drain later

√ 3. It is also a good choice under the wash basin: if the space on both sides of the toilet is very small, it can also be placed under the wash basin

√ 4. The location should be in a place that is easy to take care of: not hidden behind the toilet or in the corner where your hands need to stretch out for a long time to reach

√ 5. Long floor drain is good for drainage: if the budget is enough, long floor drain can also be designed. First, the area is large for drainage, and second, the slope of the drainage slope is easy to be accurate. However, long floor drains are expensive and difficult to clean

toilet floor drain beautification and decoration design methods and effect drawing cases, listing the comparison between the correct position and the wrong position, which is all today. In order to give you a reference. I hope you can pay attention to this when decorating the bathroom




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